Hey friends! We are back with another Spotlight Saturday post featuring the amazing Life Curated Coaching

Ketra, the coach behind the Life Curated brand, came to me a few months ago looking for a website design. She was getting ready to launch her company and wanted the perfect look to launch with! Ketra is a life coach focused on helping women through tough seasons in life (and let’s face it…we’ve all had them)! 

Ketra’s story is very moving and inspiring and is one that shaped her and ultimately brought her to creating the Life Curated Coaching business. 

Ketra tells the story of how her 17 year marriage fell apart…

“One day my world came crashing down. My husband lost his job, was diagnosed with a mental health disorder and admitted to having a current sexual affair and two others from the past. I didn’t know what to do other than to try to fix this issue and get my life back. I stayed in this marriage to fight for my family for three years but eventually my husband cheated again. At this point I filed for divorce.”

-Ketra Thompson

During Ketra’s healing process, she learned things she never knew about addiction and emotionally destructive relationships. Through the immense struggles she faced, she realized she needed to focus on her own resourcefulness and wholeness (and no one else’s)!

She now is happy to share that there is light at the end of the very long tunnel. She became a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach to help women in finding their own wholeness and strength through their individual and unique journeys. 

Her story is remarkable and one that motivates and inspires women each and every day (including myself)! 


We worked to create a website that told Ketra’s story, would inspire people like you and I, and that would make her community feel welcomed and empowered to take the next step in their journey! 

With the use of warm colors of navy, various peach tones, and a gold brushed metal, we did just that. We created an inviting and safe space for women to explore their next step on their path to recovery.

Not only is the site very user friendly and easy to navigate, it provides a great deal of information on the services offered by Life Curated Coaching, as well as provides free resources to help guide women outside of her one-on-one sessions.

Take a sneak peak at her site below or head over to lifecuratedcoaching.com to learn more or schedule a discovery call with Ketra!

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Spotlight Saturday: Life Curated Coaching

February 22, 2020

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