We’re back with another “Spotlight Saturday” featuring Heaven’s Scent Soy Candles! I started working with Lori, owner of Heaven’s Scent over a year ago. We set out to rebrand her website to match her new look!

The Heaven’s Scent Story: Lori’s candle making journey started back in 2012, when she had an epiphany. She explained that she, just like the rest of us, were using all the store bought candles and fragrances, but would struggle to get the amazing smell to last or even fill up the room! And on top of that, the ingredient list that make up the candle we were constantly burning was astronomically long and almost impossible to pronounce, which often meant, full of chemicals! At last, Heaven’s Scent was born!

She used soy wax for many reasons! 1. Cleaner burn (no toxins, carcinogens, pollutants) 2. Longer lasting burn 3. Longer lasting scent  4. Infused with natural essential oils 

In addition, she uses all wooden wicks in her candles, which not only make that cozy crackling sound that us candle lovers adore, but they also provide a stronger scent (who doesn’t love that??)!

Web Design Project: Lori and I worked on the redesign of her e-commerce site! We went with a light, airy feel with the use of white, navy, and a light pink accent color throughout. It was very important in the design of this site to keep the user experience and checkout process for customers easy and to ensure the site was simple to navigate. I think we did just that with this design. Checkout some snapshots of the site below or visit Heaven’s Scent here!

I have been burned many Heaven’s Scent soy candles since I have had the great pleasure of meeting and working with Lori and I can say that hands down they’re the best! The scent is definitely so much stronger than other candles and they don’t leave that black pollution that other candles always seem to have (staining my walls grrrrr).

Looking forward to seeing all of the new Heaven’s Scent creations in the coming years!

Spotlight Saturday: Heaven’s Scent Soy Candles

January 25, 2020

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